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Domaine du Pallus 2017 Chinon 'Messanges'

Winemaker Bertrand Sourdais has quite the pedigree with a winemaking career that includes stints at Mouton-Rothschild in Bordeaux, Santa Rita in Chile, and Palacios in Priorat.  Upon the 2003 retirement of his father, Sourdais returned to helm the family estate in France’s Loire Valley.

Domaine du Pallus is at the heart of Chinon - Cravant-les-Côteaux.  Sourdais embraces traditional biodynamic viticulture in these stony, silica-laced soils, but in the cellar he becomes a revolutionary.

He uses extended maceration, sometimes up to thirty days, and a long-slow elevage in Bordeaux barrels to reveal “the true personality of Chinon.”  These wines are handled less and bottled later that most others in that region.

The ‘Messanges’ bottling is made from younger Cabernet Franc vines and is perfect for recreating a French-bistro dinner at home.

The wine is mouthwateringly fresh with high-toned red currant and bitter cherry.  It is vibrantly floral with tiny hints of tobacco spice.

Yannick Amirault 2017 Bourgueil 'La Coudraye'

Wineries throw around the word Cave to mean wine cellar, but it is rarely as literal as when describing the Loire Valley winery of Yannick Amirault where production takes place entirely within a natural cave.

The winemaking is certified-organic; from hand-picking to natural wooden vat fermentation involving indigenous yeasts and no sulfites.  Amirault is extremely focused on the authentic reflection of both vintage and terroir.

The ‘La Coudraye’ bottling is 100% Cabernet Franc, sourced from a terrace overlooking the  Loire village of Bourgueil.  The vines - which can be as old as 55 years - were certified organic in 2009, but have been farmed organically since 1997.

Flavors in the wine include wonderful acidic fruits such as pomegranates and cranberry complicated by some spice, licorice, and a dash of green pepper.