Brokenwood 2018 Semillon

Brokenwood 2018 Semillon

Founded as a hobby project for a group of lawyers, Brokenwood has become one of the most respected wineries in Australia. The original 10 acres in the Hunter Valley cost $970 per acre in 1970. It was the highest price that had ever been paid for an Australian vineyard.

Jump forward and add superstar winemaker Iain Riggs, and Brokenwood winery has thirty-six acres of vineyards and a global reputation for masterfully age-worthy wines.

A mere one acre is allocated to growing Semillon, but this glorious dry white is arguably the perfect companion to the Hunter Valley wine-growing region. The close proximity to the ocean provides afternoon cloud cover and cool sea breezes that temper the hot Australian sunshine. This produces a wine of warm richness and fresh acids.

Brokenwood Semillon is picked with very low yields, features minimalist ‘hands off’ winemaking, and ages in large American oak barriques.

The resulting wine shows well upon release displaying zesty lemongrass and apple blossom, but don’t miss the tight structure and precision of the citrus finish. These are signs of the pleasure to come as the wine will only improve with up to a decade of cellar age.

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