Ant Moore 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

Ant Moore 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

The name sounds a little like yet another “critter wine’ from down-under, but Ant Moore is actually a real person. Moore moved from Australia to New Zealand in 2002 for a career in wine that has included the launching of several successful wine brands as well as a stint as winemaker of Isabel Estate.

Ant Moore originally thought that an eponymously named winery was a bit egocentric, but came around after realizing that it was his personality that made these wines distinctive. Moore is vitally involved with every aspect of the winemaking process, including vine management and harvesting. Every wine is made to emphasize dryness, balance, and purity.

The wines are made with both traditional and modern techniques. This allows Moore to constantly experiment with with wines to produce the styles that he finds most enjoyable to drink.

This Sauvignon Blanc shows ripe stone fruit and a richness that is uncommon among inexpensive New Zealand wines.

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